Sword of Artorious

Bright symbolic metal blade

weapon (melee)


-Creates light around you (Burst 1)
-If your melee attack has Arcane or Divine in the attack, add +3 to the damage roll
+2 to insight and Arcana rolls
+2 to ranged attack spells
Increase healing surge value by 2 to the wielder


-4 to attack rolls if the wielder’s has no Arcane or Holy energy within there class
-2 to stealth checks
- once the wielder becomes unconscious, wielder must reactivate the magical properties (Standard action during combat and 10mins outside combat. also Reactivate all other piece of Artorious)


This sword was hand crafted by both the best Arcane and Divine weapon smith threw out the planes, the purpose of the creation of this blade was to restore balance between Arcane and Divine powers and rebuild the bond between the two.

It has been said that this weapon was made with the purest and the most magical of metals and that its feeds of the energy of its wielder to sustain its magical properties and said the glow it emits changes between Purple light or a pure light and there’s been myths that the lights even able to take on an element (EX. Fire, lightning, ice, Earth)

Sword of Artorious

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