Freistaat Bayern

Bridge Troll

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The cabin outside of nowhere

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Beast of the Bavarian Forest

There have been reports of a giant bear that has been mauling people that venture too near the Bavarian Forest.

Beware the Black Forest

There are numerous reports of people missing all around the outskirts of the Black Forest. Rumors are to be had of the Three Black Princes who go about looking for those that linger to close to the borders of the forest and the tortures of those that survived the scutiny of these devils.

Screams of the Odenwald

There have been sightings og devils and witches about the woods of Odenswald. Ogres have also been seen lurking about.

Devil's Maw

Strange creatures and dark skinned elves has been spotted in the area of Devils Maw! They have been raiding nearby settlements.
Devil s maw
Devil s maw1

Rumblings in the Alps

There have been rumblings coming from the Alps. Mysterious giants have been seen roaming. Pig like humanoids have been raiding settlements at the base of the Alps. There has even been reports of a shite dragon flying about.
Rumblings in the alps

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