Saerwine Highclaw; 2nd son of Radarap and Allyrialis Highclaw
Older brother Yalis Highclaw
Sisters Idanura, Ilaen, Saisur (all younger)
Younger Brother Heosurphos

Grandparents on fathers side; Hada and Saestyru Highclaw who also have one other son, Hidue (something of a ne’r do well) thus Saerwine’s favorite uncle and a confirmed bachelor.

Grandparents on mothers side; Tyeuri and Isristi Pathhider
Whose family ran to girls, their other daughters were Tyaedai, Rheodadil, Eusur, and Ilollo all of whom are now married, giving Saerwine a plethora of cousins he can’t begin to keep up with.

Family ally: The Pathhiders family
Family enemy: The Nightbattle family – now and then they get the idea that they ought to unite and rule all the Pixie clans of Bavarian Forest. The other Pixie clans like things just fine like they are, thank you.


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