Current Generation:

  • Markis (Son, aged 20. Currently a Sergeant in the X military.)
  • Malene (Daughter, aged 15. Socialite and Scholar.)

Parents’ Generation:

  • Stephan (Father, age 47. Ex-General for X.)
  • Kassandra (Mother, age 40. Manager of dressmakers in [HomeTown])
  • Mordak (Brother to Kassandra, age 44.)

Fathers Side:

  • Heinrich
  • Zilda

Mothers Side:

  • Roger
  • Elsie

Ally: Valent family. Current family head Demosthenes Valent.

Enemy: Petra. Current family head Locke Petra. The Petra’s are on the other end of a feud between themselves and the Valent over ‘disagreements’ over religious practices for the god Maahes


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