Name: Kharneth

Holy Symbol:

Domain(s): Chaos/Fright/Blood/War
Favored Weapon: Maul
Favored Race: Human
Favored Class: Barbarian (actively hates non-melee classes considering them cowardly)
Background Story: Kharneth once represented pride and honor, but corrupted by the aeons and bearing witness to countless atrocities he is now consumed with bloodlust, considering the weak and helpless to be unworthy of his wrath. He resides in his fortress within his realm, a monument to fury and bloodshed, built upon foundations of murder and conflict. He sits atop a mountain of skulls, those slain in his name. A great fire pit lights Kharneth’s gloomy chamber, the dark flames consume the souls of cowards who have fled from battle. Around the citadel flows a moat, and is filled not with water, but with the boiling blood of those who have lost their lives to war. Beyond this moat lies league upon league of cracked land, littered with the ravaged bones of those fallen in battle. A mighty crevasse splits the wasteland in two, a canyon many miles long and bottomless. It is said that Kharneth himself was once consumed by such rage that he took up his sword and smote the ground, splitting it asunder for eternity. This fell sword is known by many names including ‘Warmaker’ and the ‘End of All Things’, and is capable of laying waste to worlds with a single blow.

The wanton destruction of several worlds and their inhabitants, the corruption of millions of soldiers and mercenaries and the perpetuation of bloodshed and hatred for aeons.

Fighting. The only worshipping Kharneth accepts is blood, be it your own or your enemy’s. To devote time to building temples rather than fighting for something would more likely incur Kharneth’s wrath than please him.

Omens and Signs:

Axe of Kharneth – A Demonic weapon imbued with the power and bloodlust of Kharneth himself, spurring the wielder on to greater feats of death and destruction. The ferocity it induces means that often many more attacks are achieved than with standard weapons. In possesion of Rien van Santen
Talisman of Burning Blood – Allows the user to control their rage for a greater period of time as well as that of those around him or to force them into an even higher rage. Lost during the battle of the Waldlands.
Armor of the World Eater – Protects the wearer from even the mightiest blows, allowing them to wreak havoc in the Lord of Rage’s name. Fed by the blood of the fallen the wearer becomes mightier every time he kills. Current location unknown.

Kharneth views unneccesary resting as a waste of time, that could be better filled spilling blood. He cares not who you fight, only that the fighting continues.

Nightmare Knights Led by Rien van Santen. Stands 6’8, jet black hair. Paladins.
Knights of Ruination. Led by Rembrand van den Zwan. 6’6 dark brown hair. Fighters.
Priests of Discord. Led by Norbert Baksteen. 5’10. slim build. Dark brown hair. Clerics.
Aphorisms and Words of Wisdom:
May your nightmares give you strength!
Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!
Noteable Minions or NPCs:

made by Dominic


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