The Knightroad Family:

The knightroad family was formed when the paladin Amnail married the cleric Augusta. This was 598 years ago. And since each generation has seen a Knightroad become a paladin who have accomlished great things.

Great grand parents: They would have two sons and a daughter. Both sons were killed as children.

Cain Knightroad(paladin)

Esther Knightroad

Grandparents: They would have two children both boys(Dietrich and Virgil)

Caterina Knightroad(paladin)

Isaac Knightroad

Parents: They would have one child as Virgil died at a young age. They did have an adopted son as well.

Virgil Knightroad

Lilith Knightroad

The Knightroads symbol is a blue rose. This is something Amnail thought of as he had seen them(though they do not appear in this realm) and was inspired by their beauty.


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