Name: Maahes (Maa-he-s)Maahes1

Holy Symbol: Lion (often depicted in crimson representing blood)

Alignment: Neutral Good/Lawful Good (As a god of war he follows few rules, but fights for justice.) (Alignment depends on sect. Ma’at is Lawful Good, Maa’tes as Neutral Good)

Domains: War, Justice

Favoured Race: Catfolk (exotic and uncommon. He favours them for their feline aspects, considering them closer to himself than the other races. He does however accept followers from all races.)

Favoured Class: Favors Warlords but supports all melee based classes.

Background Story: Believed to have originated in Egypt, he was considered the son of Ra (the sun god) and Bast (Cat Goddess of Protection and Healing). He was tasked with fighting the evil god Apep (god of darkness) while his father, Ra, rested during his nightly voyage. He is also known as a ‘devourer of the guilty and protector of the innocent’ as well as his war related titles of ‘Lord of Slaughter’, ‘Wielder of the knife’ and ‘The Scarlet Lord’

Achievements: Fought nightly with the god of darkness for centuries, protecting the sleeping citizens below.

Worshipping: Many temples enshrined Lions(tamed) and worshipped them as envoys of Maahes. There are few records of actual worshipping practices, other than references to the testing of defendants at trials at his temple and the usage of temple grounds for court executions. His name is also included in several war cries.

Omens and Signs: Maahes often reveals himself to his followers in the form of cats, large or small. When they cross your path and hearing their cries at night are the more common signs, being attacked by a large cat has often been dismissed as a hostile animal, though some believe them to be signs from Maahes showing disapproval (violent attack) or attempting to direct you away from danger or evil (passive anger/hostility from a distance).

Artifacts: The artifacts of Maahes were gifted as a set to an ancient warrior(unknown). A suit of strange armor, supposedly crafted from the scales of his enemy Apep (the serpentine god of darkness) (enhances users strength, agility(cat like)(chance to dodge attacks? or greatly increased reflex?)/increased dex, daily/encounter(immediate(reaction against crits?), the armor stiffens under an enemies blow, halving the damage you take) , +1/2/? to speed(Scaling?), allows user to blend into shadows (greatly increase stealth skill&/ allow user to turn invisible/chameleon like effect(daily power?))) . Currently enshrined at his temple, supposedly protected by Maahes, only allowing his chosen warrior to pass and attain the armor;

A longsword, (embossed with lions heads on each side of the blade) though it has never been found (scaling bonus to hit(to be determined by GM), change weapon size at will (small enough to conceal(dagger sized), normal length(longsword), long(bastard sword) and 2h weapon(greatsword?)), bonus to initiative?, bonus to AC?, daily power(Claws of Maahes(strike out at your foe(s), assign an attack to up to 3 targets, on hit deal 2W damage to each and causes bleeding(DoT, save ends) additional attack if have gauntlet?));

and a gauntlet fitted with vicious retractable claws(a power, probably the first one you’d get upon optaining the gauntlet. encounter power(make an additional attack against a target you hit this turn, deal (claw damage?) and causes target to bleed(DoT, save ends), bonus to ac, daily power Blade CATch (immediate, your gauntlet guides your arm with a fluid grace, stopping a blade mid air allowing you to make an attack against opponent. scaling damage with level of item/character. increase damage if using Maahes blade?), increase to athletics(climbing)).

Ceremonies/Holidays: Maahes has 2 holidays, one on the longest day of the year, as a celebration of pushing back Apep, and one on the Longest night of the year, offering food and wine to Maahes to give him strength to fight. There is only record of one ceremony for Maahes, often performed at trials and executions, asking for guidance to find guilt or to ask Maahes to show retribution to the condemned.

Sects: Maahes has few followers and they are divided into two sects. The Ma’At, who worship him primarily as a god of justice and retribution, though fewer in number than the worshippers of the Triumvirate. Led currently by the Paladin Demosthenes, head inquisitor for (cityname/countryname(Leontopolis?)); and the Maa’tes who worship him as a protector and leader in times of war or hostilities. Led by the warlord Locke, having a polar viewpoint and behaviour to Demosthenes which has fostered animosity between the two sects. While both claim to worship Maahes as individual gods, they both share the same Ceremonies and Holidays, perhaps linked to the dissolution of the main cult at the end of the era of the Pharos, or the current dispute between leaders of sects.

Aphorisms and Words of Wisdom:
“Violence is the first refuge of the unjust”, “Use your swords for justice, not bloodlust.”, “Fight for the Living, Remember the dead!”

Noteable Minions/NPC’s: None, rather oddly Maahes has no sentient representative. He is worshipped through lions, and his visitations are in the form of typically larger cats(favours the lion).

made by Dominic


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