Current Generation

Mattimus Riken (Son, age 23 Mercenary Work)

Sentria Riken (Daughter, age 19 Mecenary Work)

Deriken Riken ( Son, age 16 explorer)


Aradius Riken (Father, Age 50, Barbarian Tribal Warrior, Leader of Defense For Tribe)



Fathers Side:

Tarfarien Riken (Grandfather,Age 70, Barbarian tribal Elder)

Mophelen Riken ( Grandmother, Age 68, Tribal Cook)

Mothers Side:

Kordan Parephel (Grandfather, Age 69, Medicinal Elder)

Phelia Parephel ( Grandmother, Age 69, Clothes Maker)

Ally: Gentorum Family

Enemy: Rependraal Family…….Group that came into tribe as outsiders. They seek power and
position and have an unsual god. They don’t believe in the desert God. They are lazy and
provide nothing for the tribe yet some how they get in high positions within the tribe. The Riken
and Gentorum families have been fighting the Rependraal family taking out parts of the family 1
at a time.


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