Welcome to Freistaat Bayern!

This is a homebrew campaign that will take place in the wilds of Bavaria Germany. I will be using locales embedded into this campaign. We will be using the 4th edition of D&D but I will be implementing some old school mechanics.

Please see character creation steps
Bavaria coat arms
CrithitCritical hit charts and fumble charts will be used.
WitchOpenly using magic will most likely get you burned at the stake for witchcraft unless licensed by the state.
Magic itemsMagic items are unique and will use a legendary system. They work as heirlooms past down from generations and more of their history and power unlocks as you level up your characters. There are very few magic items in the world.
FactionsThere will be varying factions.
PantheonUnique player created Pantheon.
Multiple PC groups will shape the whole campaign and can affect other PC groups to breath life into the campaign.
CrimeLaws of the land will be implemented based off of the criminal museam in Rothenburg ob der Tauber.
Goodvs evilMultiple adventuring groups will be playing in the same campaign and may or may not be at odds with other. Each group will start off in a seperate town within the campaign region.
Align01We will be using the old 9 alignments system.
Innerplanes2Outer planesWe will be using the planes of 2E/Planescape.