Rag and bone man

The rag and bone man made his living pushing a barrow through town, collecting rubbish ranging from rags and bones (hence the job title) to old furniture or broken crockery, from townsfolk for barter or a nominal fee. Often, he advertised his services through yelling or ringing a bell.

When his collection rounds were complete, the rag and bone man would sift through the debris, trying to find items that could be salvaged or repurposed, then dispose of the rest, rather like a one-man recycling center. On rare occasion, someone would throw away something that was still intact that could be sold.

In a D&D game, the rag and bone man may have access to information players need; after all, he spends all of his time interacting with people in the street, and his lowly status can lead those of higher station to ignore his presence.

Players could also use the role of rag and bone man for intelligence purposes. It’s a fairly easy disguise to make, and a hero posing as a rag and bone man could visit sensitive areas of a city, such as a suspected lair of a villain, the gaol holding one or more companions, or the site of a rival thieves’ guild.

Rag and bone man

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